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Double Check competences

Double Check is proud of a highly complex set of competencies acquired through the extensive experience of our consultants, gained both from the Media Agency side (at the executive level, in trading, and managing TV and Digital ad-operations) and from the media side (TV and Digital Media Sales Houses). Additionally, each year we carry out numerous Audit and Consulting Projects for our Clients, which necessitate the continuous development of our competencies.

Competences in TV

At Double Check, we possess all TV-related competencies, including campaign planning, optimization, and clearance. Our experience goes beyond that of an individual handling TV campaign execution on the Media Agency side. With our team’s experience on the TV station side, we have a much deeper understanding of all processes related to managing TV campaigns. Therefore, we can give a valuable support to our Clients within this medium.

If you would like to discuss your TV campaigns with us, we invite you to contact us!

Competences in Digital

Digital is the largest medium in terms of spend in Poland. We are aware that broad Digital competencies across various channels such as Display, Social, Video, and Performance are scarce in the market due to the narrow specializations that have developed within this medium. However, our consultants specializing in Digital are versatile and have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect related to online campaigns. We are proud of expert knowledge across the entire Digital ecosystem.

We carry out projects where the Digital is one of channels in the media-mix:

  • Evaluation of Digital media strategy
  • Evaluation of Digital-mix composition
  • Optimization of Digital buying costs
  • Verification of Digital campaign effectiveness
  • Clearance of online campaigns
  • Verification of Multiscreen – aligning TV strategy with Digital Video strategy

We also support Clients in activities expecting expert insights of their Digital communication:

  • Account audits (Social, Programmatic, Google Ads)
  • Verification of Performance based activities
  • Effectiveness and settlement of Affiliate Networks activities
  • Verification of e-Commerce campaigns
  • Verification of generally accepted buying models and also alternative purchases
  • Verification of Agency Owned Media operations
  • Projects related to the verification of the technological stack, such as DMP audits

If you would like to learn more about our Digital competencies, we invite you to contact us!

Media strategies

At Double Check, we emphasize not only the costs and quality of campaigns but also media strategies. Within the adopted strategies, it is crucial to define target groups, select the media mix, schedule the campaign, choose suppliers, and develop campaign tactics. We believe that the design of a campaign is often more important than the costs at which it was purchased. We understand that Clients work with us mainly to verify hard data related to campaigns (cost, execution, and quality), but in our work, we focus on the overall business effect, and in this regard, we strive to be helpful as well.

If you need to discuss the media strategy of your campaigns, we invite you to contact us!

Industry experience

We believe that experience in specific industries is highly significant when it comes to media-related services. Each industry has its own requirements and many have unique approaches to media. Below, we present our experience in various industries without naming specific entities, as some of our Clients prefer not to disclose the fact that we have undertaken projects for them.

Categories in which we have experience in both tenders and audits:

– Retail
– E-commerce
– Pharmaceuticals
– Food and beverages
– Banking
– Insurance
– Telecommunications
– State-owned Companies
– Consumer electronics
– Furniture and interior design
– Media and entertainment
– Education
– Gas stations
– Transport
– Alcoholic beverages
– Gambling

If you would like to discuss how media can help address your business challenges, we invite you to contact us!