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Double Check has up-to-date knowledge of the technologies used by Agencies, both for campaign delivery and campaign measurement. All new and emerging solutions are analyzed by our experts from the perspective of cost versus the added value they create. A complete and thorough understanding of these technologies enables us to better verify our Clients’ campaigns and assist them in drawing significant business conclusions regarding their effectiveness.

Technologies for TV campaigns verification, including POSTBUY.NET

We use the market standard AGB Nielsen Media Research for verifying TV campaigns. Additionally, raw viewership data feeds into our POSTBUY.NET platform, which in real-time powers its analytical engine with the received data. This platform enables the analysis of campaign execution, benchmarking against competitors, and campaign valuation in terms of brands, categories, companies, or holdings for both own and competitive campaigns. To our knowledge, POSTBUY.NET is the most advanced analytical platform of its kind in Poland.

Technologies for Digital campaigns verification

In our Digital audit, our work is based on verifying the campaign delivery and campaign verification platforms used by media agencies. This approach enables a range of cost, quality, and efficiency analyses, allowing us to draw conclusions about the costs, quality, and reliability of the agencies. Regarding platform competences, we possess similar skills to those held by the teams purchasing on these platforms, and our verification processes often allow us to identify potential cost reductions, achieve greater efficiency, and identify inefficient solutions.