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Media management – Media Compass©

The Media Compass© media management service is the most comprehensive support product for Clients, providing highly tangible benefits. Media Compass© involves taking over the responsibility from the Client for verifying the strategy, planning, purchasing, and settlement of campaigns in cooperation with the Media Agency or Publishers. The greatest added value brought by Double Check is created in the process of verifying the strategy and planning of campaigns.

Why is it worth it?
  • Supporting Advertisers’ competencies increases the effectiveness of media projects

  • A media auditor possesses all the competencies necessary to verify the planning and purchasing carried out by the Media Agency

  • The greatest added value provided by Double Check arises in the process of verifying campaign strategy and planning

  • An Auditor ensures a faster and more efficient learning curve, making communication more effective

  • Our experience in long-term projects within Media Compass© allows for significant cost reduction in achieving results, sometimes by several dozen percent.

What to expect?
  • Comprehensive Client Support in Media

  • Verification of the proposed media strategy
  • Verification of media plan proposals and/or media buying briefs for campaigns
  • Verification of campaign execution during its duration
  • Verification of campaign execution after its completion based on independent research, technologies, and/or documentation
  • Verification of the fulfillment of qualitative campaign parameters based on independent research, technologies, and/or documentation
  • Verification of campaign purchase costs against purchasing guarantee forms, technologies, and/or benchmarks
  • Verification of financial settlements between the Agency and media suppliers
  • Verification of financial settlements between the Agency and the Client
  • Verification of the Agency’s remuneration calculation
  • Verification of the calculation of bonuses and contractual penalties
Frequently asked questions

Are the consultants working for us competent?

Yes. Only highly experienced individuals work for us, capable of having substantive discussions with experts from Media Agencies. The individuals conducting pitches, audits, or cost verifications possess very broad competencies.

Is this service applicable to every entity?

Practically yes, but the larger the Advertiser’s business, the larger the team required for support. Therefore, the greatest benefit from Media Compass© is for Advertisers who, for any reason, require specialized media support.

What exactly does the Media Compass© service include?

Having worked in the market for many years, we know that every Advertiser has specific requirements. Therefore, this service is often tailored to fit, depending on the budget, the media used, and the period of media activity throughout the year.

Can the introduction of Media Compass© into the media process delay the media purchasing process?

Quite the opposite. When the Agency has a fully available and highly competent partner on the other side, better solutions are proposed to the Client right away, resulting in fewer revisions to the Agency’s proposals.