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Bespoke Projects©

Double Check’s dedicated projects – Bespoke Projects© – are complex media-related projects that fall outside the scope of standard media auditing work and are carried out within a standardized consulting process. We have executed these projects for many of the largest Polish and global brands that were seeking answers to difficult business questions or solutions to their operational, cost, or revenue challenges.

Why is it worth it?
  • Media expertise
  • Experience in managing large projects
  • Consulting process and project know-how
  • Access to qualified consultants and experts
  • Work based on knowledge and data
What to expect?
  • Professionalism
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Expertise
  • Specialist Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Timeliness
  • Quality of Solutions
Frequently asked questions

What kind of projects can be executed by Double Check?

We can consider any project. We have handled various types of projects in the past. Some examples include: the implementation of retail media concepts, complete media mix remodeling, assessment of possibilities for improving PPC media efficiency, evaluation of the strategy and effectiveness of long-term sponsorship activities, creation of media carrier pricing in B2B transactions for billing purposes, remodeling media strategies, and many others.

What was the nature of these projects and does this mean that the competition for their execution for Double Check were Media Agencies?

The nature of these projects was always strategic. The projects we carried out usually stemmed from the clients’ belief that we were the right partner for their execution. Sometimes, due to the high costs, our involvement resulted from winning tenders. However, our competition was not media agencies, but consulting firms, including the largest ones.