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Media training – Knowledge Transfer©

Knowledge Transfer© is our proprietary media education program. This dedicated program ensures that participants gain a much deeper understanding of the advertising ecosystem, the principles of creating media strategies, as well as media planning and purchasing. Over 900 professionals associated with media communication on the side of the largest advertisers and media companies have completed the Knowledge Transfer© program.

Why is it worth it?
    • An independent perspective on the market, derived from practical knowledge gained from all sides of the industry
    • There is a lack of reliable and independent sources of knowledge in media planning and campaign execution on the market
    • Education provided within media contracts by media agencies is often more a description of the market status than typical training material
    • Understanding the media business, the functioning of media channels, and the principles of strategy creation can lead to better campaigns
    • Expanding media skills leads to increased competencies, thereby enhancing marketability in the job market
      What to expect?
      Program scope:
      – Media business
      – Media market
      – Media strategies
      – Principles of campaign planning
      – Principles of media buying
      – TV campaigns
      – Digital campaigns
      – Radio campaigns
      – OOH campaigns
      Transparency, understood as the absence of taboo topics
      Certificate of Program Completion
      Frequently asked questions

      Can media be understood in a short time?

      The world of media can be quickly understood when the introduction is conducted with transparency and the course is well-designed and comprehensive. Our course is precisely that. After completing it, participants begin to see media and their campaigns differently, understanding the role of each component and identifying which solutions make sense and which are inefficient.

      What might be the most surprising aspect of this course?

      Probably the fact that media is logical and interesting, and that many myths simply do not hold up when compared to data. Usually, participants, after completing the program, reassess their views on TV and Digital media.

      What might convince those who are undecided?

      Practically every participant remains engaged throughout the program, confirming that the content is interesting and the delivery method is accessible.