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At Double Check – one of most respected media auditors in Poland – we bring transparency to the forefront of every audit and consulting challenge.

With decades of experience and a deep reservoir of knowledge, our dedicated professionals ensure that your media strategies not only meet industry standards but set new benchmarks among media auditors in Poland.

Trust us to elevate your business.

Paweł Pluciński, CEO.

We are an exceptional media auditor in Poland

Double Check is a company that, based on reliability and expertise, helps Clients increase their return on media investments. Our DNA stems from the experience of a team of media experts with many years of service in top positions at media agencies, TV stations and Internet portals therefore our knowledge enables professional evaluation of media strategies, media plans, campaign optimizations, media buying costs, and the delivery of contractual obligations. While understanding all the mechanisms that maximize media investment returns, we provide Clients with the assurance that both the execution of campaigns and the prices paid for media are always geared towards supporting the growth of media investment returns.

Our Mission Statement makes a difference among other media auditors in Poland

  • We are both media experts and enthusiasts
  • We possess unparalleled competencies in digital media and expert knowledge in television and other media
  • We help Clients achieve effective communication at competitive costs
  • We operate based on professionalism, reliability, and knowledge, and we place great emphasis on data, technology, processes, and innovation
  • We create added value at both the strategy level and media buying costs
  • We work as a team

Our philosophy:

I have spent most of my professional life on the sales side and later managed media buying and the entire operations at a media agency therefore, today, I leverage my experience to ensure the best possible media campaigns for our Clients. Double Check, as one of the most dedicated media auditors in Poland,  is a place where competence meets passion, making our work a mission.

I invite you to get in touch!

Paweł Pluciński


I belong to a new generation of media professionals who always planned television campaigns alongside digital campaigns from the beginning of their careers. When I started working at Double Check, I was surprised at how well my senior colleagues understand media and their pragmatic approach to it. The media planning and buying industry is today dominated by narrow specializations. At Double Check, we approach this differently and view media holistically. We strive to be masters in our field, and I know that we are.

Rafał Cygan

Managing Director

For years, as one of the most open media auditors in Poland, we have been answering many questions from our Clients:

  • How to choose the best media agency for us?
  • Which of the offers is the best?
  • How do we safeguard our interests in the contract?
  • Is our company receiving what we are paying for?
  • Is the price we are paying appropriate?
  • Is the campaign well planned?
  • Is the campaign well financially cleared?
  • Could the campaign be cheaper and, if so, by how much?

Double Check – the one, exceptional media auditor in Poland:

As shown by independent rankings, our work, particularly in the area of digital competence, surpasses other auditors in many of the most critical dimensions. We are proud that Clients who work with us long-term achieve better campaigns at lower costs. This occurs in cases where we actively participate in the media planning, optimization, and purchasing process.

Digital media holds no mysteries for our experts. Even though this type of media changes the fastest, our exceptional dedication enables us to take a highly granular look at each campaign. Our competencies allow us to analyze not only traditional Internet campaigns but also to execute projects related to performance marketing, e-commerce operations, SEM, and purchasing account audits.