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Media audit – True View©

Our True View© audit process evaluates the compliance of Media Agencies with their contractual obligations. Regular audits not only verify the integrity of agencies but also help in finding better solutions for the future. Audits provide clients with the assurance that their budgets are contributing to business results in the best possible way. The awareness of an audit, in turn, motivates media agencies to be more meticulous and diligent in executing campaigns.

Why is it worth it?
  • The awareness among Agencies that their campaigns will be audited leads to much greater diligence in their execution

  • The cost of an audit is disproportionately low compared to the added value it brings

  • Advertisers who have never audited their campaigns often do not realize how many campaign elements can be verified and how much better future campaigns could be

  • Media cost items typically involve large sums. Verification of the correctness of such expenditures is a standard practice employed by the largest advertisers

  • While an audit is often associated solely with control and verification of costs and campaign execution, it also includes a valuable advisory component

What to expect?
  • Verification of campaign execution based on independent research, technologies, and/or documentation
  • Verification of qualitative campaign parameters based on independent research, technologies, and/or documentation
  • Verification of campaign purchase costs against purchasing guarantee forms, technologies, and/or benchmarks
  • Verification of financial settlements between the Agency and media suppliers
  • Verification of financial settlements between the Agency and the Client
  • Analysis of the list of entities involved in transactions for purchasing optimization
  • Verification of the Agency’s remuneration calculation
  • Verification of the calculation of bonuses and contractual penalties
  • Settlement of annual agency bonuses due to the Client, eg. Agency Volume Bonuses
  • Clear assessment of contract execution
Frequently asked questions

Does the audit significantly burden the Advertiser’s time?

No. Typically, the audit is conducted between the Auditor and the Agency and requires minimal involvement from the Advertiser.

Is there a single, recognized methodology for audits in the market?

Unfortunately, no. Each Auditor has their own processes and methodologies. When selecting an Auditor and evaluating their services, it is advisable to discuss and verify their methodology and request examples of Audit results, which is especially meaningful in Digital media.

We have an international Auditor who works with us across multiple markets. How effective is this solution?

For very superficial verification, it is possible for such an Auditor to conduct the verification process. However, it is important to understand that only a thorough knowledge of local market practices allows for a reliable assessment of campaign quality and cost. Therefore, the best solution is to commission a local audit and compare its added value against that of the international Auditor. In practice, Double Check serves Clients who are also served by international Auditors, but clients recognize significant value in the support of a local Auditor.