How to maximize advertising effectiveness?

Les Binet is a globally recognized authority in the field of media. Here is a summary of the key points from the material “Maximizing Advertising Effectiveness” featuring him.

Optimization of media planning:

  • – The importance of effective media demonstrates that, in the current economic conditions, optimizing the media budget through the selection of appropriate channels and products is crucial.
  • – Research findings: Meta studies indicate that digital media, particularly online video and paid search, are the most effective for short-term performance marketing.
  • – Long-term effects: 60% of the return on advertising comes from long-term brand-building effects, with television and online video being the most effective media.

Combination of media channels:

  • – Integrating traditional and digital media legitimizes effective marketing, which combines traditional television with online video and social media to reach a diverse audience.
  • – Proper targeting is achieved based on using television to reach wealthier, older audiences and digital media for younger viewers, which increases the efficiency of budget utilization.

Creative effectiveness:

  • – High-quality, emotionally engaging advertising content significantly increases return on investment (ROI) and the efficiency of the advertising budget.
  • – Emotionally strong and memorable advertising content strengthens brand ties and the willingness to pay higher prices.
  • – Creativity that gains fame and sparks public discussions can significantly increase budget effectiveness.

Keys to optimal media investment:

  • – Aligning strategies with expected revenue growth, especially for FMCG brands and other mass brands.
  • – Increasing brand advertising budgets helps maintain stable prices and reduce price sensitivity.
  • – Utilizing the relatively low cost of media allows for increasing Share of Voice, thereby increasing market share.
  • – Combining new online channels with traditional media to achieve broad reach and leveraging creativity to drive sales and profits.

Strategic recommendations:

  • – Using a combination of econometric modeling and creative strategies to maximize advertising effectiveness.
  • – Utilizing media that allow for effective storytelling and emotional engagement, particularly television.
  • – Thoughtful strategies are crucial for dealing with a challenging economic environment and achieving success with the support of advertising efforts.