Brand communication in Social Media – pitfalls and expectations

Consumers are increasingly interacting with brands on various social media platforms, placing them at the heart of media activities. However, the Hootsuite report highlights behaviors that brands should avoid. Surveying over 4,500 consumers from three countries about actions that negatively impact their perception of brands, 34% of respondents pointed to excessive self-promotion. Another 32% expressed dissatisfaction with the publication of low-quality content.

Interaction with comments and messages was also highlighted as extremely important – 27% of respondents negatively rated poor brand responses to public comments or direct messages, and 26% expressed dissatisfaction with delayed responses. The research confirms that users expect brands to react quickly to messages on social media.

Less problematic for users is infrequent posting by brands – only 14% of respondents considered this negative. Emphasizing the importance of authenticity, 56% of consumers additionally expressed the belief that brands should be more authentic on social media.

Social media is a key element of media strategies. However, brands should avoid excessive self-promotion and low-quality content, which can negatively affect how consumers perceive them. Quick and engaged interaction with users is also crucial. Brands must balance the frequency of posts to avoid overwhelming followers while maintaining authenticity, which is essential for building trust and relationships on social media.